Caryl J Bohn


Lincoln, NE


I am a born and raised Native of Ohio, a Boilermaker, wife and homeschooling mother of a high school student. I’ve lived in more places than I have fingers to count on.

I have endured the adventure that more than 22 years of marriage moving brings: long, dark, brutal winters in North Dakota; moves; long separations; single parenthood; and some of the best scenery and people this land has to offer. We travel far and wide. Every move, we get to know the community as fast as we can, since we aren't assigned there very long. I love the big picture, but relish the nooks and crannies, often overlooked by our race to the destination inter-state society'. Give me lightning fast internet and a small town fair or festival every couple of weeks, and I'm happy as a clam.

I have always been overly fascinated by the weather, nature, and all things in the realm of science. My love for sewing came from my thrifty and creative mother, and blossomed to keep me sane over the years. I have moved from traditional bed quilts, contemporary bed quilts; super miniature quilts (the smallest being ¾ of an inch square), and to designing and dying my own fabrics to use in one of a kind art quilts. I long ago decided that fabric was cheaper than therapy. (Well, that’s what I tell my husband anyway.) After several years of listening to military movers complain about moving hundreds of pounds of fabric, I donated the whole lot to a local school for quilts for the VA hospital. But what was I to do to fill the void?

I've restored treadle sewing machines, felted, dabbled in acrylics, been a pastry chef, stamped, painted full room murals, dying silk scarves and fabrics, metal detecting, knitting, volunteered more hours than I care to contemplate, taught, tutored, stenciled, and done design work, but through it all was photography. (My poor husband has put up with all this craziness all these years. Bless His Heart.)

By this time all this sunk in, I was lucky enough to find myself living on one of the most stunning beaches in the US, Navarre Beach, FL. Its stunning bleach white beaches and emerald green water called for a camera every time I walked out the door.

Now I find myself living in the middle of no where, or as I like to say.... In the middle of everywhere. We are smack in the geographic center of the continental US. Oh what fun it has been so far, new places, faces, and adventures.

Soon watercolors followed. The OCD in me has a love/hate relationship with the way watercolors behave with a mind of their own. I am never far from my watercolor travel kit OR my camera.

I create out of a need to see what can be done, try to capture the moment to savor later, and believe that art has the ability to tell you what it wants to become. There are never mistakes, only surprises.


Solar Wabi Sabi 2 by Caryl J Bohn


Bright Pastures by Caryl J Bohn


Foggy Top by Caryl J Bohn


Autumn In The Husker Nation by Caryl J Bohn


Showy Morning Sunrise by Caryl J Bohn


Wandering Sunrise by Caryl J Bohn


Pasture Guardians by Caryl J Bohn


The Sun Breaks Through by Caryl J Bohn


Fire In From The Fog by Caryl J Bohn


Solar Wabi Sabi by Caryl J Bohn


Red Sky at Morning Sailor Take Warning by Caryl J Bohn


Silent Sunrise Witness by Caryl J Bohn


Sailor Take Warning by Caryl J Bohn


Red Sky At Morning by Caryl J Bohn


Sage Lunch by Caryl J Bohn


Mantis in Macro by Caryl J Bohn


Carolina Mantis and Russian Sage by Caryl J Bohn


Pull up a Chair by Caryl J Bohn


Sweet Lunch by Caryl J Bohn


Macro Mantis by Caryl J Bohn


Mantis for Lunch by Caryl J Bohn


Beeing Lunch by Caryl J Bohn


Bee On Time for Lunch by Caryl J Bohn


Carolina Mantis by Caryl J Bohn


What Big Eyes You Have by Caryl J Bohn


Double Zap by Caryl J Bohn


Fire in the Souixland by Caryl J Bohn


Kansas Rising by Caryl J Bohn


Fire and Ice by Caryl J Bohn


Something in the Air by Caryl J Bohn


Back to School by Caryl J Bohn


Schoolhouse on the Hill by Caryl J Bohn


One Room With a View by Caryl J Bohn


Prairie Stonehouse by Caryl J Bohn


Prairie Bison by Caryl J Bohn


Birds On A Wire by Caryl J Bohn


Dinner Bell by Caryl J Bohn


The Glow From Within by Caryl J Bohn


Roaring Thunder by Caryl J Bohn


Small in the Scheme of Things by Caryl J Bohn


Dramatic by Caryl J Bohn


The Sentinal of the Storm by Caryl J Bohn


Filtered sunlight by Caryl J Bohn


Foreshadowing by Caryl J Bohn


Classic Weather by Caryl J Bohn


Prairie Glory by Caryl J Bohn


The Sower by Caryl J Bohn


Purple Cone Flower by Caryl J Bohn